SocialRaise Becomes Monday Loves You

In 2008, we launched as a technology platform that combined white-label social networks with fundraising - hence the name SocialRaise. Since our launch, we’ve organically taken an agency-approach with our clients, becoming less about a technology product and more about using digital to solve problems for both brands and nonprofit organizations. The name was simply confusing people. They assumed we were a social media agency, which is just one small piece of what we do.

In 2008, the name made sense. In 2017, we needed a change.

Why Monday Loves You? It's quirky, fun, while invoking a sense of optimism. Growing up, every Monday, my mom would wake me up to get ready for school. She would say, "Monday loves you and so do I, but get up, get ready, and make today count."

It's really about making the most out of today to make a better world to live, work and play.

Now that you kind of know us, have a look at our recent work.