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​I've got to admit it. I've been in technology product and services marketing for a looooong time. Since faxing AS-400 query software product announcements was considered the height of "hi-tech." So when I run into former colleagues or meet other marketers who are of a similar vintage, they ask me if we can grab coffee to d...
Lessons learned starting a company. I write about fun things, and other times I write about super-nerdy and technical things. Today, I thought it would be valuable to create a quick list of “musts” (at least IMHO) for anyone that has that crazy/ nagging idea that keeps them up at night. Otherwise, known as the thought of starting their own company.
Cassie Dennis from Monday Loves You tells us about the impact of salary history disclosure for woman in technology in a recent article published by Women Employed.  How I Missed Out on Over $350,000 Working In Technology It’s been a weird and windy road since my 11-year-old-self lost a chess match to an IBM 360 in 1970. Let me be upfront about