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WCAG 2.2.3: No Timing Whatsoever


This post deals with the same issue we talked about in WCAG 2.2.1 Time Adjustable. Like we discussed previously, time-dependent content may pose issues for those experiencing certain visual, physical, or cognitive limitations.

Whereas WCAG 2.2.1 recommends options that would allow users to control the time limits associated with this content, compliance with this rule asks that you avoid including such content altogether. That's because this guideline aligns with WCAG's level AAA standard, which, as you know if you've been diligently studying our incredible WCAG breakdown, is the highest level the aspiring WCAG master can attain. WCAG 2.2.1 aligns with the level A standard. Accordingly, 2.2.1 may provide you, the content author, with more leeway, but it will also be a bit more difficult for some users to interact with your site.


Even though 2.2.3 is a stricter standard, there are still a couple of exceptions worth mentioning. You don't need to worry about this guideline if your time-dependent content is a

  • Real-time event
  • Non-interactive synchronized media. This means audio or video that is synchronized with another media format for the purposes of presenting information.