10 Things About Us and What We Believe

1. We're a team of 14 people with our office in Chicago. We started in 2008, and just recently changed our name. You can read more about that here.

2. Empowering good organizations to do good things is the best way to make the world a better place.

3. Agencies are generally overpriced. There’s always a leaner and less expensive way to do things effectively.

4. We’ll spend more time understanding your organization than most any other agency out there.
5. We eliminate red tape and project overhead. We get things done quickly and efficiently.
6. We believe in one, unified team with our clients and us.
7. We don’t believe in technology-first projects. Whether you're raising funds are launching a new product - the goal isn’t a new CRM, a digital campaign, or a new site. The technology is simply a means to the goal.
8. We believe in quickly providing a prototype to facilitate feedback.
9. We believe in process with fluidity. Process is imperative, but every organization requires something unique.
10. We truly love what we do, and we feel like that’s truly evident in our work and in our interactions with our clients.


Image of man's face as Kevin LaManna.

Kevin LaManna

Kevin is the principal for Monday Loves You and responsible for strategy and project oversight. He’s worked for clients such as Yamaha, HBO, Tesla, United States Air Force, New World Symphony, City of Chicago and has led multi-national projects for Merrill Lynch and General Electric across Europe and Asia. Graduated summa cum laude from Miami University studying piano performance and information systems.
Image of woman's face as Cassie Dennis.

Cassie Dennis

Cassie leads our CRM practice and also helps organizations with their marketing strategy. Her past experience includes analysis and reporting as one of the original staff who opened the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA); leading field marketing for SPSS Inc. (now part of IBM); and consulting with nonprofit and commercial entities on marketing communications strategies.

Image of woman's face as Amy Nedoss.

Amy Nedoss

Amy's focus is working with organizations to get their message out to the world in the most efficient way possible. As a former Who's Who “Marketer of the Year” nominee while expanding American Girl as a national retail brand, Amy applies her experiences from various industries and with brands such as Hyatt and Saks Fifth Avenue to build awareness.
Image of a golden retriever dog as Sam.


Sam's focus is sleeping, food and refraining from jumping on clients as they come into the office. In his spare time, he likes to stare at rabbits and chase his tail.

Showing is easier than telling.